ATR 72 100/ 200 - Theory / Practical training course

ATR 72 100 / 200 - Theoretical / Practical Training course

Duration : ATA 104 Level 3: Theory : 24 days / Practical : 8 days 
Content :
- General Familiarization :
 A brief overview of the airplane, systems and power plants as outlined in the systems Description section of the Aircraft Maintenance Manual.
- Level 2 Ramp and Transit :
Basic System overview of controls, indicators, principal components including their location and purpose, servicing and minor trouble shooting.
- Level 3 Line and Base Maintenance :
Detailed description, operation, component location, removal/installation BITE and troubleshooting procedures to maintenance manual level.
In addition to the information contained in level 1 and level 2 training, upon completion of the level 3 training, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe how to perform system, component and functional checks as specified in the maintenance manual.
  • Correlate information for the purpose of making decisions in respect of fault diagnosis and rectification to the maintenance manual level.
  • Describe procedures for replacement of components unique to the aircraft to maintenance manual level.

Target group : Technical personnel associated with maintenance or engineering activities and EASA Part-66 category B1.1 or B2 : Line and Base Maintenance Technician - mechanical and avionics.
Prerequisite : Basic technical english and basic technical aircraft knowledge or Category A license.
Engines : PWC PW 120
Result : Examinations will be conducted throughout the course. Participants will receive a type training Part-147 Certificate of Recognition upon successful completion of the course.

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