ATR maintenance Training by AGT
Aero Ground Training all over the world for ATR 42 72 maintenance training
Practical training, with instructor from AGT -Aero Ground Training, on ATR
AGT - Aero Ground Training - theoretical and practical training on ATR 42 / 72
Theoretical and Practical ATR Maintenance Training by AGT - Aero Ground Training
AGT - Aero Ground Training - on site for maintenance training on ATR 42 72
AGT is approved EASA 147 for ATR Maintenance Training

Training for aviation Maintenance Engineering

Aero Ground Training (AGT) is French and independant training company for engineers focus on type training courses with international experience.


Type training- initial OR difference OR refresher courses, on ATR 42 / 72 Series, Airbus A320 Family on CFM and V2500 engines, Boeing B 737 300/ 400/ 500 OR B737 600/ 700/ 800/ 900 and Embraer EMB 135/ 145.

Aviation Academy

Aero Ground Training through our EASA Part 147 approval can provide your training courses in your facilities. 

  • 95% of the courses taught out of France and in English language,
  • High Level of Professionalism in the instruction staff,
  • More than 15 years experience of the instructors/ Assessors,
  • Early booking lowest price,

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Seats available

ATR 42/ 72 600 Difference

From 16th to 21st of Nov in AGT facility in France for the ATR 42/72 600 difference from ATR 42/ 72 500 (PWC PW 120), for B1B2 Combined training.
Seats available.

ATR 72 100/ 200 Series Difference

From ATR 42 400/ 500/ 72- 212A to ATR 72 100/ 200 Series Difference training, from 22nd of Nov 2017 in France in AGT facility.
B1B2 Combined, Enrollment in progress.
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Familiarisation on ATR aircraft

CAMO, managers, welcome to attend to 5 days training in France from 27th of NOV 2017.

Training in English language.
Instructors with international experience to teach various customers on ATR for many years.

Syllabus on the link: agt-_syllabus_fam_atr-_rev_2.pdf
Price 1.200 Euro if confirm before 10th of NOV.
Email Axelle to

AOG, we troubleshoot!

Unsolved technical problems on aircraft ?
Feel free to contact us 24/7 for fast and customized solutions. 

AGT - Aerogroundtraining - technical maintenance issue on ATR 42 /72

Back View

End of Engine Ground Run up training on ATR 42/ 72 600 in Bangkok, in the simulator. FEB 2017
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“A great experience that went beyond our expectations for the level of knowledge achieved, thanks to friendly relationship and high professionalism and competence of AGT staff. We’d be pleased to work with them again in the future.”

Paolo Zanet, Maintenance Manager, Mistral Air